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The Thyroid Head and Neck Surgery Centre is helmed by Dr Ranjiv Sivanandan, one of the leading Thyroid and Head & Neck Surgeons in Singapore. Dr Ranjiv brings with him over two decades of experience with thyroid, parathyroid, parotid and major head and neck surgery.

The Thyroid Head and Neck Surgery Centre is a one-stop specialist surgical centre that provides you with a comprehensive evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of thyroid nodules, parathyroid adenomas, salivary gland tumors and cancers of the head and neck.

We value every patient as a distinct individual with unique needs, and pride ourselves in providing the best personalized clinical care and treatment outcomes.

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Thyroid Surgery

Most thyroid nodules present as a painless central neck lump that moves well with swallowing. Nodules are otherwise completely asymptomatic. This applies for both benign and malignant nodules. A lack of symptoms therefore does not assure one is dealing with a benign process.

Parathyroid Surgery

Do you know abnormally high parathyroid hormone levels, a condition called hyperparathyroidism can cause debilitating symptoms more severe, and more morbid than problems associated with thyroid hormone disorders?

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